Iaksa in the World

Below a list of some countries representing Iaksa in the World. The page is under updating, and very soon all representatives will be published

BENIN – President Mr Isaac Towanou Zoffoun  contact: iaksabenin@yahoo.fr
ECUADOR – Sensei Carlos A. Vargas Ramos Ecuador
Quito South America Black Belt 5th Dan Kickboxing
More than 20 years of experience in martial arts National champion in Kickboxing 3 times
South American Kickboxing Champion Pan American Kickboxing Champion
National champion with club martial arts academy team Cava
Modern krav Maga instructor for Ecuador Self defense instructor
International referee and supervisor of kick boxing events
Currently owner of the Cava Kickboxing team
Whatsapp +593 987309235
Email carlosvargas150910@gmail.com
Master Goju Ryu Karate Do 10th Dan Red Belt


UKPresident Mr Ed Byrne
GERMANYPresident Walter Stiepani www.iaksa-germany.de  IAKSA DE
MEXICO President Mr. Mario Martinez
ROMANIAPresident Mr Gianfranco Montaguti
SERBIAPresident Mr Srdjan Brkovic iaksakickboxingserbia
SPAINPresident Mr. Rafa Lopez   Rafa SPAIN
SRILANKAPresident Mr Mohamed Hasim Mohamed Iqbal
SWEDENPresident Jennie Berggren www.iaksa.swedish.nu
USA – President Mr. Rafa Lopez Rafa USA


If you would like to propose yourself as a candidate for Representing IAKSA International in your country, please contact us at: tesseramentoiaksa@gmail.com